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Article ID: KWin0151
Added:  1/21/2011 MC

Swiping Credit Card on Reservation Detail Screen Does Not Show Swiped on Payment Screen

Issue:  When swiping credit cards on the Reservation Detail screen does not show the credit card as swiped when taking a payment or on the transaction.


Update to RDPWin Version or higher.

The swiped checkbox on the Reservation Detail screen has been removed. It can still be viewed from the credit card tab but only if the card was swiped for an authorization. Once a payment is taken on that authorization, RDP removes the swipe at the same time the authorization amount and authorization code are removed. A payment creates a transaction, which has its own swiped checkbox.

If a clerk swipes the card on the Reservation Detail screen, RDP no longer checks the swiped flag on the reservation. RDP only checks the swipe flag on the reservation if the card was swiped on the payment screen during an authorization, which is viewed on the Credit Card tab. The program does not set the swiped flag on the reservation when payment is taken. It will be set on the payment transaction if the card is swiped when payment was taken or if swiped on the original authorization. If a new credit card is taken as a method of payment, that card should be swiped in order to get the best rate from the credit card processor.

Swiped Card


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