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Cannot Locate the Named Database Specified (Btrieve Stat Error 2301)

Added: 11/22/10
Updated: 01/31/13
Article ID#: KWin0145


The following error is received when logging into RDPWin:

Cannot locate the named database specified (Btrieve error 2301).

This error can cause a number of issues with the RDP system, including leaving users logged into the database, station number or station in use errors, problems running reset availability, and logon and logoff errors.


Make sure there is a database connection in the Pervasive Control Center for all resorts listed in the Resorts file. Note: This must be done on the RDP Data Server.

  1.  Check the list of resorts from the RDPWin Logon screen by clicking the Resorts drop down before logging in.
  2. RDPWin logon

  3. Verify the Resorts are listed as database connections in the Pervasive Control Center.
    1. Click Start --> Programs --> Pervasive --> Control Center & Documentation.
    2. Expand the Engines --> expand the computer name --> expand Databases.
    3. Verify the Resorts from the RDP Logon screen are all listed in the Pervasive Control Center. Note: There may be additional databases listed that are not in RDPWin Logon screen. This is typical and additional databases should remain in the Pervasive Control Center.
  4. If there are missing database connections, add them in the Pervasive Control Center.
    1. Right click Databases --> click New --> Database.
    2. In the Database Name field, enter the missing resort number with 'RDP' at the beginning of the name. For example, if resort 33 - Hotel Sample System is missing, the database name would be RDP33.
    3. In the Location field, enter the location of the RDP folder on the server. For example, C:\RDPNT\RDP.
    4. Uncheck the Create Dictionary Files and Uncheck Relational Integrity enforced.
    5. Click Finish.
    6. Database

    7. Right click the new database created and select Properties.
    8. Click the Directories option from the left pane.
    9. Remove any existing Data Dictionaries.
    10. Click New and enter the Data file path as the location of the RDP data directory. For example, for the RDP33 directory, enter the path as C:\RDPNT\RDP\RDP33.
    11. Click OK.
    12. Database


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