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Article ID: KWin0134
Added:  08/01/10 DM

Out of Balance Statements due to Large Numbers

The statement may display a message at the bottom "DO NOT SEND THIS STATEMENT" indicating the report balance doesn't match the balance on the owner master.  The difference will be pennies.  This is due to large numbers posted to the owner for charges or payments.

Solution - Change the statement report using Crystal Designer

The solution is to round the amounts on the report by following the steps below:

  1. Open the statement report in Crystal Designer.
  2. Do the following in each sub report, excluding the Owner 558 sub report (there should be 6 sub reports to change):
    1. If there isn't a TotalCost formula:

      1. Create a formula called TotalCost where the formula is Round({HExpense.TotalCost},2).
      2. Remove the HExpense.TotalCost field from the report and replace it with the TotalCost formula.
      3. Change the summary of HExpense.TotalCost to the summary of {@TotalCost} by right-clicking on the summary and choosing Edit Summary.
      4. In the OwnerPayments and OwnerDirectCharges sub reports, you need to edit the TotalPayments and TotalCharges formulas, respectively, to use Sum({@TotalCost}) instead of Sum({HExpense.TotalCost}).

      5. In the BalanceForward and EndingBalance sub reports, the TotalCost field isn't used.  The MasterBalanceDue field is used instead.  Edit the BalanceForwardAmt and EndBalAmt formulas, respectively, to round the MasterBalanceDue field.

    2. If there's already a formula for TotalCost, edit the formula and add rounding to the TotalCost field.
    3. In Field Explorer, find TotalCost under HExpense or Command.
    4. Right-click on it and choose Find in Formulas.
    5. Change each formula to round the TotalCost field.
    6. In Field Explorer, find MasterBalanceDue under HExpense or Command.
    7. If it exists, right-click on it and choose Find in Formulas.
    8. Change each formula to round the MasterBalanceDue field.
  3. Save the report.
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