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Added: 06/15/2010
Article ID:  KWin0127

RDPWin Cannot Find Correct RDPWinPath.txt File

Issue:  Message displays "The firstpath \\server\rdpnt\rdp in the rdpwinpath.txt does not exist. Please change the RDPwinpath.txt file".  This problem occurs when multiple RDPWinPath.txt files exist on a Windows 7 workstation. 


  1. Deleted all instances of RDPWinPath.txt by doing the following:
    1. Navigate to Start Menu – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt.
    2. Type "CD\" and press <ENTER>
    3. Type "del RDPWinPath.txt /s" and press <ENTER>
  2. Log in to workstation as administrator
  3. Start RDPWin -- input correct location of server
  4. Verify RDPWinPath.txt is stored:  
    • on 32bit Windows machine - - C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin
    • on a 64bit Windows machine - - C:\Program Files (x86)\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin
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