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Added 03/05/10 EL/SS
Article ID#: KWin0119

Alpha-numeric Reservation Numbers
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Issue:  Customer goes past Reservation Number 999999 using any RDP product.

Solution:  The system is configured to automatically transition from Reservation Number 999999, to A00000, and then to A00001. 


  • POS does function with the new alpha-numeric when posted directly to a reservation number.
  • Tested and verified that PBAdmin picks up the payment properly after version
  • When a credit card payment is taken, the Pbadmin ResNumNumeric is sent.  The correlation is shown below:
    A00000 1000000
    A00001 1000001
    A00002 1000002

  • From the Find Reservation Screen, the customer sees the reservations like this:

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