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Article ID: KWin0114
Added:  02/12/08 SS

Long Term Reservation Screen
Displays Incorrectly

Issue:  If a customer has not yet used Long term rates they may not see the correct long term rate screen when clicking Ctrl-L. 

If the New reservation screen displays the same as a Short term reservation follow the steps below to ensure they have the correct Long term reservation screen.

  1. Log into RDPWin.
  2. Click Ctrl + L to make a new Long term reservation.
  3. If the following screen displays, the C1MONTH table record needs to be deleted.  This is a sample of the incorrect Long Term Reservation screen.
  4. Log in to RDP DOS Menu 99, Option 090 -> U to update table -> Enter Table C1 - >S for subrecord ->  enter MONTH and retrieve this record.
  5. Click D to delete record.  It will ask you if you are sure you wish to delete this record, enter Y.
  6. Log out of RDPWin and Log back in.  Click Ctrl-L you should now see the correct long term reservation screen as shown below:

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