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Article ID: KWin0113
Added:  02/22/08 SS

Unrecoverable Error Stat 12

Issue:  Customer may not be able to start RDPDOS.  RDP DOS flashes on the screen and then disappears. 

To see if it is an unrecoverable error, log into RDP-DOS from a CMD prompt.  The batch file has an exit command built in so that if there is an error and the system crashes, the program exits without revealing the error.

Customer's may experience the unrecoverable error due to problems with some old RDP1202.upd files.  There were instances where this rdp1202.upd file added <F9> subrecords incorrectly to the 01 table.

The <F9> records will also cause 994 to break with a STAT 29


  1. Run RDP1202.UPD.  (Need to start by type the following command  C:\RDP1202\RDP997)
  2. Delete the bad <F9> records from the 01 Table.
  3. Go to Menu 99 - 993 File 01.
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