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Article ID: KWin0110
Added:  03/17/08 SS

Invalid Namespace
(Trace: Logon-GetServers)

Issue:  Customers with Windows 2000 workstations using terminal server may receive the following error when logging into RDPWIN. Invalid namespace (Trace: Logon-GetServers). 

Instructions below indicate specific setup that must be in place for Terminal Services clients to work with RDPWin, but if the setup below does not work Workstations may need to be upgraded to XP Pro.


Username and RDP Station Number

Each RDP session requires a unique RDP station number.  In most cases, a given workstation only has one RDP session open, and therefore only requires one Station Number.  RDP station numbers must be unique numbers from 1-999.

When using Citrix or Terminal Server, one (or more) RDP sessions are created for each workstation connected.  For example, if 10 workstations are connected to the Citrix or Terminal Server, 10 unique RDP sessions will be started that require 10 unique RDP Station Numbers.  These station numbers cannot be in use for workstations that are directly connected to the data server.  For example, if Station Number 6 is assigned to a workstation that does not use Citrix or Terminal Server to connect, then this station number is considered in use and cannot be assigned to a Citrix or Terminal Server session.

There are various ways to assign the unique RDP station number to each remote session.  RDP suggests using a logon name that is also the station number. 

The following table provides an example:
Domain Login Name RDP Station Number
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4

However, unique login names can also be used and then RDP station numbers are tracked separately.  The following table provides an example: 
Domain Login Name RDP Station Number
Tom 1
Betty 2
Susan 3
Robert 4

Either method will work well as long as RDP station numbers AND user names are unique.  The key is to have a separate login name for each workstation that uses Citrix or Terminal Server.

Using one login name, such as "Frontdesk" for multiple users is not supported by RDP.

Assigning Unique Station Numbers to Citrix/TS Users

  1. Install the Citrix ICA client on a workstation or enable Terminal Services.
  2. Ensure each user logging into Citrix or Terminal Services has their own unique Domain login name.
  3. Login to the domain as a specific user ("kerryw" in our example).
  4. Right click My Computer, select "Properties", the "Advanced" tab and "Environment Variables".
  5. The top portion of the window should read "User Variables for User Name".
  6. Click on New, and enter "STATION" for Variable Name and the unique station number for the Variable Value. (26 in our example). Click "OK".

    This now assigns the Station number to the User KerryW (unlike for individual workstations where the Station number is assigned to the System variables).

    The Terminal Services client will now have a different station number assigned to each user that signs in with their unique user name.
  7. Click OK until System Properties are closed.
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