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Article ID: KWin0106
Added:  04/01/08 SS

Invalid Owner Was Specified
for Encrypted Users.dat

Issue:  Customers may receive the following error message when logging into RDPWin:

The error can be clicked through and users will be able to log into RDPWin, however there is actually a fix for this issue.

Solution:  The network drive where RDP resides is most likely mapped differently for some computers on the network.  It does not matter if some computers map using the F drive letter and others use a different drive letter. What is important is that the folder specified be consistent.

Typically we have customers use Windows Explorer to map the folder as follows: \\ServerName\RDPNT . It is best if the customer uses an actual server name as opposed to using an IP address. 

It is also important that the Reconnect at logon checkbox is checked when the mapped drive is created.

You can view the customer’s RDPWin Log (under System menu) to see which computers are mapped differently, use the Server column for this.

Once all computers are mapped to the same folder \\Servername\RDPNT, with the Reconnect at logon box checked, this error should go away.  The machines with new mapped connections must to be rebooted to ensure changes take effect.

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