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Article ID: KWin0095
Added:  9/25/09 BC

Edited: 2/28/14

Multiple Pervasive License Being Used by 1 Workstation

A stat 161 will occur if all Pervasive licenses are used up.  In some cases, there are fewer workstations connect then licenses, but this status still displays.

This condition can occur if a workstations has more than one network card or a network card and a wireless network card.  Pervasive tries to use both network ports if they are available by default.

White paper on troubleshooting stat 161's -

Solution:  There are two different ways to handle this situation

  1. On each workstation and the data server, if one of the network cards is not in use then disable the network card.  If a hard-wired connection and a wireless card is enabled and not being used, then disable the wireless card.


  2. On each workstation and the data server, use Pervasive Control Center and click on Configure Local Engine.  Select the Communication Protocols section and uncheck the TCP/IP Multihomed.  Also, put the current IP address in the Listen IP Address.
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