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Article ID: KWin0093
Added:  8/12/2009 SS/BC

Clearing Folios & Rate Plan Packages

Clearing folios for package rate plans is a unique custom feature currently only used by Half Moon Bay.  It allows guests some guests to be charged or not for various amenities that are available on the property based on the guest's rate plan.  A guest with an all inclusive rate plan can use the amenities as much as they want and not be charged, where another guest with a normal rack rate plan will be charged for the amenity on each use.

To accomplish the clearing folio logic, a list of transaction codes that are not charged is associated with a rate plan in table FR.  Some rate plans have many transactions, so multiple sub-records are used in Table FR. For example, PKGA will have any sub-record starting with "PKGA" associated with it, like PKGA, PKGA1, PKGA2.

On the transaction code definition, there is a "Clearing Folio Room" field which defines where to post the charge instead of the guest folio.  So, when this code is posted to the guest it will go to the clearing folio instead of the guest folio if:

  1. The transaction code is listed in table FR
  2. There is a Clearing Folio Room number on the transaction code
  3. There is a reservation checked-in to the clearing folio room

If all the above is true, the charge will be redirected to the clearing folio instead of the guest folio.  The guest never sees any of the clearing charges on their folio.

The clearing folios should be reconciled to the receipts from the various POS stations around the property and checked-out once a week or once a month during night audit.  A new clearing folio reservation is then made and checked-in to the clearing folio room.

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