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Article ID: KWin0090
Added:  6/10/2009 SS/EL

Btrieve Error 51 During Checkfiles

Issue:  When updating RDPwin, Checkfiles stops with the following error:

Solution:  To fix this, make sure that the version being updated to is higher than 2.091.15.  If the problem continues:

  1. Log into RDP-DOS
  2. From Menu to 98 System Manager Functions, select 090 Update System Tables.
  3. Enter U to Update Table Records.
  4. Enter C1  for the Table Number, BUT don't hit enter.
  5. Press the F12 button to select Program Control Tables: Delete, Change, List, Print, Sub-record.
  6. Enter S for Sub-record and hit Enter to display:
  7. Hold down the Alt button and enter C.
  8. For the sub-record, enter CHKFIL and <ENTER>.
  9. Set Field 51 to "1" to allow checkfiles to complete.
  10. Log into RDPWin and "Checkfiles" should be successfully completed.
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