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Article ID:  KWin0088
Added:      4/2/2009 SS/EL
Updated:   5/11/09 SS/EL/TC

CRMWeb Login Error

During CRMWeb login, the following error is displayed:

The system is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
CRMWebSvc-IsUtilitiyRunning: CRMWebSvc-InitCRMPath:Lists-Resorts: Resorts File '\\servername\rdpnt\rdp\Resorts' is not found.

This issue is caused by a permissions error and usually happens after a Windows update.  The windows update changes the ASPNET password for CRM in the Machine.Config file which is part of the .Net framework.

Note: This only applies to IIS5 or IIS6 in 5.0 Isolation Mode.


  1. Check the Machine.Config file for the ASPNET password.  This file can be found in:

    C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Config or
  2. Search for the "process Model" node in the Machine.Config file:

       <process Model autoConfig="true" userName="ASPNET" password="Your Password" />
  3. Change the password to your known ASPNet user password or put in a new one.  If the password is "ABC123def" then this line should look like:

    <process Model autoConfig="true" userName="ASPNET" password="ABC123def" />

  4. Make sure the password matches the ASPNet user in both the RDP data server and the CRM web server.  Go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Computer Management on the RDP data server and the CRM web server and reset the password to the same password entered in step 1.

  5. Go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Systems (IIS).

  6. Restart IIS.

  7. Test the CRM Web login.
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