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Article ID: KWin0082
Added:  10/23/2008 SS

Hawaii Taxes

In addition to information available in RDPWin Help, the following details are offered to help clarify Hawaii Taxes and Owners:

RDPWin Properties

When Use Tax-1 and Tax-2 to Determine Hawaii Taxes Reported to Owners is checked in Owner Configuration for Hawaiian properties, the system puts reservation's Tax1 and Tax2 from the room transaction onto the B7DF code as Tax1 and Tax2 without recalculating tax. The Percent of Tax to Room Tax was used in DOS.  Properties using RDPWin should check "Use Tax-1 and Tax-2 to Determine Hawaii Taxes Reported to Owners".  In that case, the taxes are already separated on the room transaction, so there is no need to split again.

Note:  This is the newer and preferred method. With this checked the Tax-1 and Tax-2 amounts on the revenue transactions are used to report taxes to the owner (the B7DF).

RDP-DOS Properties

Percent of Tax to Room Tax Example:  a room transaction is $100 with a 7% total tax, with $5 to Tax1 and $2 to Tax2. If the Percent of Tax to Room Tax was set to 50%, then the B7DF code would have $3.50 in Tax1 and $3.50 in Tax2.

If you have 30% in Percent of Tax to Room Tax, then $2.10 (30% of $7) would go to room tax (Tax1) and $4.90 ($7 - $2.10) would go to Tax2.

In DOS, Field 10 of the TA tax code overrides the "Percent of Tax to Room Tax" field on the owner configuration. Field 10 allows different percentages going to room tax based on the tax code. For example, tax code TB could be for the 5% room tax only. Field 10 would be set to 100 on TB, since all of it goes to room tax, and Field 10 would be set to 71.4 (5 divided by 7) on TA tax code.

The bottom line is that Percent of Tax to Room Tax should not be used anymore, because RDPWin can use the already split tax when processing owner revenue. 

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