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Added 10/02/08 - SS/KW
Article ID#: KWin0079

Use Wholesalers w/o Using Net Rates or Billing Group Masters
~ Pre-Deduct Travel Configuration ~


Some customers may want to use wholesalers, but they want to pay their owner commission for the Rack rate instead of the Net rate.  The wholesaler may or may not send payment prior to arrival of the reservation. 


RDP does not allow pre-deduct travel agents and allow billing to a master or leader at the same time.  Here are the steps in RDPWin to allow the use of wholesalers or pre-deduct travel agents without using net rates or billing the group master:

  1. System, File Utilities, File Maintenance, select Table FS. 
  2. Add Subrecord “WS” with description of “Wholesaler”, change field “Pay All Charges” to 0.
  3. Save & Close.
  4. Select Table FT, Add Subrecord “WS”, add transaction codes with spaces in between:  06 DJ DZ.  Save & Close.
  5. System, Switches, enter 424-16 in Search field. 
  6. Change “Skip Folio A payment prompt at Check-out” to Yes, Save.

Procedures for making reservations for pre-deduct travel agent reservations:

  1. F5, Find Agent1 and attach to reservation, check box for “Prededuct”.
  2. Continue making reservation.  After entering reservation name, change Folio A pay code from “IP” to “WS”.
  3. Any payments received prior to check-in of reservation need to be applied to Folio A.

Since Switch 424-16 is set to Yes to Skip Folio A payment prompt at Check-out, there will be no requirement for payment for any balance in Folio A.  The only payment that will be required are any balances that are in Folio I or Folio B (if used) for incidentals.  When prompted to print folio, only Folio I or Folio B should be printed for the guest, so that they only will see their incidentals.

Reservations that have balances in Folio A will appear on report “Guests Checked out with Balance Due”.   When payments are received from a pre-deduct travel agent or wholesaler, the payments need to be applied to Folio A.

Registration cards should also be modified to not print the rate if folio pay code “WS” is used in Folio A.

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