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Updated 7/26/2013 by SPW
Article ID#: KWin0078

Group Leader/Master Reservation
Transfer Amount is Incorrect


  1. How to make a correction to a Group Leader or Group Master for an incorrect transfer amount from a group reservation.

  2. How to allocate a payment to a transfer correction.


The steps in this process may be such that you only need to complete Step 1.  All three steps need to be completed when the original charges billed to the master/leader are incorrect.

  1. Fix charges on the group reservation
  2. Transfer corrections to the Group Leader or Group Master
  3. For open balance statements Group Masters, allocate payment



A.  NOTE: Do not attempt to fix by using transfer codes (TR), as this can cause problems if transactions are flagged as anything other than (I) Individual.

Correct charges on the group reservation.

  1. In this example, the wrong room charge amount for group reservation #77 was transferred (Billed) to Group Master IBM and needs to be corrected
  2. F3 find reservation #77
  3. Click on the Folio Tab
  4. Click the Change Button
  5. Select the room charge to be corrected
  6. Click the Change Button
  7. Enter the correct price for the room charge. 
  8. Save
  9. Select the date that you want the correct to post to the general ledgers.  If in doubt, use the system date
  10. Close the Change/Reserve Charges Window
  11. The group reservation now has a credit balance that needs to billed to the group master.

Transfer charges to Group Master

  1. On the left of the under Options, select Bill Charges To, and select either group master or leader, in this example it would be Group Master.  Say yes to the prompt to transfer to the Group Master i.e. this is sending a credit for the incorrect transaction amount to the group master.
  2. Find the Group Master and view transactions
  3. Notice the running balance for res #77 is now correct.

Apply/Allocate payment to the Group Master

We can now apply the payment to the Group Master.  If using a balance forward statement, simply Auto post payment to the oldest open transactions.  If using an Open Balance Statement, follow the steps below

  1. Find the Group Master
  2. Select Payment
  3. Select Manual post a payment to specific open transactions
  4. Select payment type and enter the amount
  5. Click display Open Transactions
  6. Select the correction transaction/transactions first

  7. Select the remaining transactions

  8. Verify that the Payment, Allocated, and Unallocated amounts are correct.

  9. Click Save & Close


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