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Added 8/21/08 - SS/JK
Article ID#: KWin0075

Do Not Mark Rooms Dirty
Customers w/o Enhanced Hskpg Module S2


Customers w/o the Housekeeping Forecast & Scheduling Module S2 receive various prompts from the system about room status being dirty. 


Set various switches to insure that rooms are not marked dirty and prompts are not an issue for customers not using any Housekeeping features.

  1. Switch 219-03 Mark Room Dirty at Check-out should be set to No.
  2. No change should be required on the Switch 419-13 "Mark Old Room Dirty When a Guest Changes Rooms". 
  3. Switch 219-01 Daily Maid Service should be set to No.
  4. Run the two following SQL statements: 
    • Update units set cleanstatus=' '
    • Update hreserve set dailymaidflag = 'N'
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