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Added 8/05/08 - SS/RM
Article ID#: KWin0074

Protobase Credit Card Settlement Error

When performing an audit (day-end procedures), the system displays an error message "Error generating report" when trying to settle credit cards.  The Protobase high-speed installer did not convert the transactions already taken on dial-up (using M95) to high speed (M231). 
 Convert the transactions from M95 to M231:
  1. In PBAdmin, in lower left hand corner, click on tab for "D" for "Database"
  2. Click on Fix Settlement Information.
  3. Click on Continue.
  4. Settle transactions again.
This solution can also be used when the Internet access is down and the property must convert to dial-up in the interim. This causes the property to have a combination of terminal IDs and disallows the ability to batch.  Following the steps above serves as a great solution for issue as well.
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