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Added 7/31/08 - SS/DM
Article ID#: KWin0073

Owner Statements
Checks vs. Direct Deposit

In RDPWin Version 2.072, the Owner Detail tab offers a Pay Owner if Balance Due checkbox with radio buttons to select (1) pay by check or (2) pay by direct deposit (wire transfer).  Select direct deposit for owners that receive payments via wire transfer between banks and do not receive a check. When the statement is finalized for an owner with direct deposit, RDPWin does not generate a check voucher and puts a wire transfer code (B7DA) on the owner master instead of a check voucher (B7D7) code.

When a single owner is being processed and "Pay By Direct Deposit" is selected on the Owner Detail tab of the selected owner, the Finalize tab displays the Direct Deposit checkbox checked and disabled.

When Pay By Check is selected on the Owner Detail tab of the owner master, the Finalize tab of Owner Statements displays the "Generate check..." and "Place check..." checkboxes. 

For finalizing multiple owners, the Direct Deposit check box does not show (tab displays as above for "Generate check...", however, the Direct Deposit setting for each owner is used while finalizing.

When printing statements, the five standard Statement reports in RDPWin Version 2.072 show the B7DA in the Statement Summary area instead of the B7D7 if direct deposit is used.  Prior to using this feature, customers must update to RDPWin 2.072 or higher and use the standard statement shipped with Version 2.072.  While customers may have customized statements to include personalized formatting, the B7DA shows in the Statement Summary only on the newly shipped copy of the report.

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