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Perform a Chargeback in RDPWin

Added 6/19/08 - SS/ML
Article ID#: KWin0069


A credit card company removes money from one of our customer's bank accounts because of a chargeback and it must to be accounted for in RDP. Because the money has already been taken out of our customer's bank account, the transaction in RDP must be a manual transaction so as not to be processed through the bank again.

Protobase defines a chargeback as:  any occurrence of a charge being returned by the merchant rather than deposited. Most often, merchants think of cardholder-initiated charge-backs as when the cardholder disputes the transaction by notifying the issuing bank of a discrepancy. The issuing bank then notifies the acquiring bank (or other party involved). The acquiring bank notifies the merchant, who must submit the signed receipt to the issuing bank within 30 days.

It is a common occurrence for customers to see this message when performing a chargeback since RDP does not allow a refund when the balance due is $0.00:


  1. Reverse the charges off the reservation using a negative amount in Post Charge. (This will create the required credit).
    1. When the owner will be affected, the transaction code must be in Bucket 0.
    2. When the property is absorbing the chargeback, the transaction code must Bucket 1 or 2.
  2. Click Refund, then Deposit/Payment.
  3. At the prompt, answer Yes to "This reservation is checked-out.  Continue?".
  4. Enter the amount of the chargeback.
  5. Check Manual (No Protobase) - IMPORTANT
  6. Click No - Do not add to Protobase Database.
  7. Enter an authorization number (any number will suffice).
  8. Click Process.
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