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Reverse "Group or Owner Transfer"

Added 6/17/08 - SS/LN
Article ID#: KWin0067


What happens when I transfer charges from a reservation to a group or owner by mistake and I want to get the charges back on the reservation? 


Create transaction codes to serve the reverse transfer purpose.  These codes should act like B2DL and B3DL for the B3 transfers and the B2DN and B7DN for B7 ledger transfers.  There is no way to reverse a Transfer or Bill To.  Manually post a transaction code that pulls from the clearing account.

  1. Create transaction codes in B2, B3, and B7 ledgers
  2. Have them all pull from the clearing account (primarily 99999) or wash account depending on the customer.
  3. Verify the Bucket is set to Other Charge 1 or 2 and not 0 room charge.
  4. Verify there are no tax components.
  5. When posting the transaction codes, verify the codes are posting to the reservation as well as the leader or master with opposite signs (-/+) to insure the clearing account stays at zero.
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