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Duplicate Workstation Numbers

Added 6/17/08 - SS/SH
Article ID#: KWin0066


RDP users may receive a system notice that the workstation number is not unique.  This occurs when:

  1. The RDP session ends due to and error message, power surge, power outage, etc., and the RDP01/lockfile.DAT is not correctly updated.
  2. The user logs out of RDP incorrectly and the RDP01/lockfile.DAT is not correctly updated.
  3. Two workstations actually have matching/conflicting station numbers.  Each workstation must be assigned a unique station number.


There are several options to clear up the issue.  Contact your system administrator to discuss which solution is best for the property.

  1. Have every single user in RDPWin log out.  Each time a user logs out, the station number is removed from the lock file.  However, there are occasions when the station number is not removed from this file and must be manually removed.  Navigate to the RDP01 directory, and delete the lockfile.DAT file.

    When users log back in, the workstation numbers are all added back into the new system-created lockfile.DAT file.
  2. Physically access each workstation on the property and make note of workstation numbers.  When the duplicate is found, assign a new workstation number to either of the machines with the matching station numbers.  See Workstation Number for details on how to add/change/view workstation numbers.
  3. Call RDP Support at (970) 845-7108 or access to open a ticket and receive an email with information and steps to assist you.
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