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Set Station Number

Article ID#: KWin0064
Added: 06/17/08 - SS/SH

Modified: 3/27/12

  1. Add the station number as an environment variable.  Right-click My Computer on the desktop.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Click the Environmental Variables button.
  4. Highlight the Station and click the Edit button. 
  5. Run the client setup program from the new workstation located in the server's PVSW\Clients\Win folder.
  6. When prompted during RDPWin client setup, map the RDPWin path to the data directory such as RDPNT\RDP\RDP01.

RDPWin on Terminal Servers

There are two ways to setup RDPWin to work properly on a Terminal Server. If you are using the key card interface, which is dependent on the station number being the same for the workstation, choose option 1.

Option 1 - Required if Using the Key Card Interface

  • Each workstation has a unique user name and password.
  • The "station" environment variable must be set as a User Variable in each Terminal Server session and must be unique for each user name.

Option 2 - Station Environment Variable Set as System Variable

Option 2 allows the "Station" environment variable to be set once as a System Variable. When RDPWin is started, it will increment the "Station" number that was set as the System Variable based on the connection number to the Terminal Server. When using this option you must reserve a block of station numbers based on the number of users that will be logging into the Terminal Server.

  • Workstations can use the same user name and password to login to the terminal server.
  • The "Station" environment variable must be set as a System Variable on the terminal server.
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