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Stat 3012 on All Workstations

Article ID#: KWin0061
Added: 06/13/08 - SS/MC
Updated:  6/17/08 SS/BZ


Customer is getting Stat 3012 on all workstations including the data server after an update.  Cause:  both the pervasive relational and transactional engines are stopped.  Rebooting does not clear the error.  Services must be manually restarted.


  1. Make sure the ODBC connection is made.
    1. Select Data Sources (ODBC) from the Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools submenu.
    2. Click on the System DSN tab.
    3. Confirm that all directories have a database configured.
  2. Make sure the database engines are running.
    1. Log into the server.
    2. Select Services under Start | Programs |  Administrative Tools.
    3. Verify both the PSQL Transaction Engine and the PSQL Relational Engine have been started.  If not, right-click on each of the services and restart them. The default setting on these services should be automatic so that they restart when the computer is rebooted.
    4. Right-click and view Properties.
    5. Click the Recovery tab.
    6. Confirm that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd failures are set to restart the service.
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