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Remove Room From Tape Chart
(Delete Room From Inventory)

Article ID#: KWin0057
Added: 06/02/08 - SS/ML

Remove a room number from inventory.  Room history (the room master) is retained, but the room number is removed from inventory and does not display in the Tape Chart.

  1. From RDPWin, select List from the Masters/Rooms sub-menu.
  2. Highlight the room to be deleted and click Change (or double-click the room).
  3. On the Room Detail tab, change the Room Type drop-down to OLD.
  4. When OLD is not an existing room type, use the System | Table Maintenance feature to add OLD as a room type to Table C2 - Room Type Validation.
  5. Using RDP-DOS, access the RDP-DOS 995 Rebuild Availability File from the 99 - System Utilities menu.

    Note:  This step is extremely important and must never be skipped.  This process should only be completed by management or someone with the appropriate access and permissions.

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