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Create Mailing Lists

Article ID#: KWin0056
Added: 06/02/08 - SS/ML

Create a mailing list by exporting guest history or owner lists from RDPWin.

  1. From RDPWin, select Analysis from the Masters/Guest History sub-menu.
  2. Click the header to sort the grid by that column.  The grid exports to Excel using the existing sort.
  3. Click the icon in columns to eliminate blank key fields such as address, zip codes, etc.  For example

    1. Click the icon in the Address column and select Custom.
    2. Set the Operator to "does not equal" and the Operand to "blank".  This eliminates any guests from the list with incomplete address information and reduces the property's returned mail saving you postage and lost time.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Repeat this step for any columns with blanks that should not be included.  The grid shows a darkened filter icon when a column has an existing filter.  To remove all filters set on the grid, right-click and select Reset Grid Layout.
  4. Right-click the grid and select Export to Excel.
  5. Enter the name of the file to be saved such as GuestHistoryJune2008.
  6. The system saves the file and allows the user to access the file immediately.  Click Yes to open Excel (if not already) and view the document.
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