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Configure or Add a New Computer / Workstation

Article ID#: KWin0054

Added: 06/16/10
Updated: 02/27/15

Workstation Steps

  1. Confirm the new workstation uses a Windows operating system:  Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  2. Install the Pervasive client on workstation including any patches if applicable.
  3. Confirm Microsoft.Net framework 3.5 is installed   Version 3. Windows 7 should have this preloaded. 
  4. RDPWin4 needs .net framework 4.5.
  5. If the workstation is Windows 7,  turn off Data Execution Protection (DEP). This necessary in order for Crystal Reports to run.
    1. Right-click on a Command Prompt located from Start  |  Programs  |  Accessories menu.
    2. Select Run as Administrator. Log in using the administrator password if necessary.
    3. At the Command Prompt, enter " bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx alwaysoff" and press <ENTER>.

      Command Prompt

    4. Reboot the computer.
  6. Add the station number as an environmental variable under the system variables. 
    1. Right-click  on Computer 
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Advanced System Settings
    4. Click the Environmental Variables button and click New. 
    5. Enter the Variable Name "Station" and the Value "###" by entering the station number appropriate for your system (between 1 - 999).  Each workstation must have a unique station number. Using the last digits of the machine's IP address will ensure a unique station number, and it is recommended that a list of station numbers in use be kept outside the RDP system.


RDPWin Steps

  1. Verify the workstation meets the minimum hardware requirements. XP workstations are no longer supported.
  2. If installing RDPWin Version 3 or 4, a separate install must ran for the Crystal Viewer: RDPWin Crystal Viewer Installation Instructions.
    1. Locate the CrystalUpdate.exe program from \\Your RDP Data Server\RDPNT\RDP\RDPWinClient folder.
    2. Double click to the run and take all the defaults.
    3. Finish.
    4. Note: Running the Crystal View Installation prior to the RDPWin Client may avoid errors with the RDPWin installation creating the C:\Program Files (x86)\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin folder. This folder is required to store the RDPWinpath.txt file that will be created in step 4.

  3. Run the client setup program from the new workstation for the appropriate version of RDPWin
  4. When RDPWin is started for the first time, at the prompt enter the RDPWin path to the data directory such as "Your RDP Data Server"\RDPNT\RDP\RDP01. This creates the file RDPWinPath.txt in the C:\ProgramFiles\ResortDataProcessing\RDWin folder or the C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin folder on a 64-bit machine.

    RDPWin Path

    Note: If RDPWin can't create the file in the above location, create the file manually using Notepad and save it to the ProgramFiles or ProgramData folder. Open Notepad and enter the path to the data directory such as \\"Your RDP Data Sever"\RDPNT\RDP\RDP01. Name this file RDPWinPath.txt and save it to either C:\ProgramFiles\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin or C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin (for a 64-bit workstations). If security does not allow writing to either folder, save the file to C:\ProgramData\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin.

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