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Protobase Error - Invalid or Missing Field #0006

Article ID#: KWin0050
- 03/13/08 - SS


When processing a credit card payment through Protobase, the following error may appear: "Invalid or missing field #0006". This error is caused when RDP sends Protobase a prior authorized sale transaction, but there isn't a matching authorization in PBAdmin. RDP sends a prior authorized sale transaction when the credit card authorization amount field on the reservation is not zero "0.00".


Check to see if there is an authorization in PBAdmin for the reservation.

  1. If not,
    1. Change the authorization amount on the reservation to zero.
    2. Process the credit card again.

  2. If so,

    1. Get the reference number of the authorization from PBAdmin.
    2. Check the credit card log to see if the IN file for this transaction matches the number from PBAdmin.

      1. If so, the customer should call Protobase Support at 877-732-1799.
      2. If not, the customer should call RDP Support at 970- 845-7108.  Support should enter the information in CTS and contact Denise.
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