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Form Feeding and Printers

Article ID#: KWin0048 - 10/04/07 - Denise M.


When printing an SDC credit card receipt to a laser printer, some printers need to receive a form feed command in order for the receipt to print automatically.  Otherwise, a button on the printer must be pushed to make the receipt print.  In addition, print a Crystal report on a thermal printer and cut at appropriate time.


To send the form feed command in RDPWin, select Protobase from the System -> Configuration menu.

  1. Check the Thermal Printer checkbox at the top of the screen.
  2. In the Interface Settings section, change the Number of receipts to print for Thermal Printer to 1.
  3. Change the Escape code to cut paper to "\012" and Save.

To require a Crystal report to print to a thermal printer and cut the paper at the correct time, a formula must be added to the Report Footer section of the report. When the Escape code to cut paper for the thermal printer is “\027d2”, the formula should be ChrW (27) + "d2".

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