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RDPWin Version 2 Installation Instructions

The following instructions are to be completed with the help of RDP support.
RDPWin Version 2 Installation Checklist (Updated 10/30/07)
1 Verify that all users are able to exit RDP for 1-5 hours
2 Verify appropriate Hardware Requirements
3 Verify the Microsoft .Net framework is 2.0 or higher
4 Verify the Pervasive Version is 10 or higher
5 Make sure you have the Domain administrator password
6 Make a back-up of the RDP data directories
7 Download and install a current DOS, IRM and GDS update
8 Purge Historical Data (Only applies if upgrading to RDPWin 2 for the first time and if RDP has been used for 3 or more years).
9 Review the procedure that will Create the ODBC Connection
10 Download RDPWin Server and RDPWin Client
11 Install RDPWin Server on the Data Server
12 Install RDPWin Client on the Data Server
13    Install RDPWin Client on all workstations, Citrix Servers and Terminal Servers

Administrator Password

The domain administrator password is required for initial setup. Do not proceed to schedule an install of RDPWin until you have the domain administrator password.

Complete Back-Up of RDP Data Directories

It is critical to have a back-up of the RDP directories.   RDPWin makes changes to the RDP data at first login.

  1. Log into the RDP Data Server
  2. Exit all users from the system.  All users should remain logged out of RDP until the upgrade to RDPWin Version 2 is complete.
  3. Copy the C:\rdpnt\rdp directory to c:\temp

Download and Install a current DOS, IRM and GDS updates

Before updating a customer to RDPWin, all other RDP programs must be on the current version.  See update information for RDP-DOS, IRM and GDS.

Verify Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or Higher

RDPWin uses Microsoft's .Net technology.  Microsoft has spent billions of dollars developing .Net as their platform of the future.  RDPWin Version 2 requires Microsoft .Net Framework Version 2.0 or higher be installed on all work stations running RDPWin.  If a work station is not used for RDPWin, it is not necessary to install .Net Framework

To verify the .Net framework version complete the following

  1. Select Add or Remove Programs from your desktop's Start ->Settings ->Control Panel submenu.
  2. Scroll down the list of installed programs and verify that Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher is installed.
  3. For more information about .Net or to download the latest version, see:

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