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Crystal 10 Sorts Incorrectly

Article ID#: KWin0044 - 9/6/2007 - Eric L.


When running a crystal report such as the CreditCardPayment report, or the RevbyProperyCode, the sorting is incorrect. This is a problem with an old .dll file in the rdpwin\bin folder.  When you delete the following .dll's, and run repair on the client, it will lay down new .dll's.


The following is to be done on the workstation where the sorting is incorrect, you may need to be logged in as administrator to complete the following steps:

1.  In Windows Explorer, delete the following files from c:\program




and Interop.CrystalActiveXReportViewerLib10.dll.

2. Then run a repair function on the client, which should lay down the .dll's again, and that should fix the issue.

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