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RDPWin Version 2 - More Features and Faster Performance

Article ID: KWin0037 Updated 08/11/2016

RDP will introduce RDPWin Version 2 at the 2007 Customer Conference.  Version 2 has many new features and significantly improves the overall performance of the system.  We are very excited about RDPWin Version 2 and want to make sure all customers have the following requirements in place prior to upgrading:

RDPWin Version 2 Installation Checklist (Updated 10/30/07)
1 Verify that all users are able to exit RDP for 1-5 hours
2 Verify appropriate Hardware Requirements
3 Verify the Microsoft .Net framework is 2.0 or higher
4 Verify the Pervasive Version is 10 or higher
5 Make sure you have the Domain administrator password
6 Make a back-up of the RDP data directories
7 Download and install a current DOS, IRM and GDS update
8 Purge Historical Data (Only applies if upgrading to RDPWin 2 for the first time and if RDP has been used for 3 or more years).
9 Review the procedure that will Create the ODBC Connection
10 Download RDPWin Server and RDPWin Client
11 Install RDPWin Server on the Data Server
12 Install RDPWin Client on the Data Server
13    Install RDPWin Client on all workstations, Citrix Servers and Terminal Servers

Process Changes when converting to RDPWIN2x

When making the conversion to RDPWin 2x the following items must be considered.

1. Once front desk and reservation operations are being done in RDPWin - this switch should be a complete switch i.e not half employees doing it in one system and half in the other.  It should be a clean switch where all Reservations, check-ins and Check-outs will be done either in Win or all in DOS. 

2. Once front desk operations start to check-in and check-out reservations in RDPWin then the night audit process of generating totals, Reset res from folio steps should be run also in Win.  Review the Day end/Night Audit steps and help files to make this conversion.  This will ensure that reservation data is being read and adjusted correctly in the system.

3.  If your operations include processing revenue and closing statements for owners once you enter Owner statements in RDPWin the system will prevent processing Owner statements in DOS.  If you would like to test processing owner statements in RDPWin prior to making the conversion completely run Owner Statement tests in your Demo Directory.

Pervasive P.SQL Version 10 or Higher Required

The RDP system uses the Pervasive.SQL database which is one of the fastest and most reliable client-server databases available. It is in use at millions of sites worldwide.  We have made RDPWin Version 2 faster by taking advantage of the "Pervasive .Net Data Provider" which is only available in P.SQL Version 9.52 and higher.   

RDP has required Pervasive P.SQL Version 10 or higher for over two years.  Previous versions of RDPWin would work with older versions of Pervasive; however,  RDPWin Version 2 will not start unless using Pervasive 9.52 or higher.  To check the version of Pervasive, start RDPWin.  The version appears under the "System Info" section on the left of the screen.  In the example below the server version is 9.5.

It is critical that all customers currently using RDPWin with Pervasive Version 7.xx or lower upgrade to P.SQL Version 11 PRIOR to installation of RDPWin Version 2 as Pervasive Version 9.52 is no longer supported.  The Pervasive upgrade must be purchased from RDP in order to maintain a support contract.  Please call RDP Sales to purchase the upgrade.  

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

RDPWin uses Microsoft's .Net technology.  Microsoft has spent billions of dollars developing .Net as their platform of the future.  RDPWin Version 2 requires Microsoft .Net Framework Version 2.0 or higher, which is available at no charge for Windows XP workstations and Windows 2003 Server from Microsoft Update. RDPWin Version 3 uses Microsoft .Net 3.5.  

Information and Requirements Prior to Upgrade

With the release of RDPWin, there are critical steps that must be taken to benefit from the new features and process speed.  Please review the following items and contact RDPSupport at (970) 845-7108 with any questions.

Check Files

Check Files remains as the active window on the workstation it starts on and does not allow the user to continue until completed.  In addition, a UTIL record is added in the lock file so all other users must wait until Check Files is done.

IRM.NET for Owners

Configuration.  The IRM.NET Configuration has been released into Production mode in RDPWin 1.312 and versions greater than 2.002.

Module Registration (2.002)

RDPWin allows program modules to be installed, removed and registered.  Click Start in the main menu and select Modules from Navigation. This lists all modules in the system and their status. There are three module listings:

RDP Modules - Registration Required
A list of modules that require registration is displayed when a module registration date is within 10 days of the current system date.  These modules must be registered prior to the expiration to avoid a full system shutdown.  Call RDPSupport at (970) 845-7108 with any questions.  Right-click to access the Remove or Register options.
RDP Modules - Installed
Modules in the Installed list are either already registered or have a registration date that is more than 10 days in the future.  Right-click to access the Remove or Register options.
RDP Modules - Other Available Modules
Modules in the list are not installed in the current system but are available to the customer.  Call RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140 for purchase information.  Right-click and click Install after purchase.
Right-Click | Register
Right-click on any module in the Installed RDP Modules grid and select Register to enter registration numbers for continue use.

  1. Make sure the module being registered has been purchased. Call RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140 with any questions.
  2. Right-click on the module to be registered and select Register to display the Module Registration screen.
  3. The system generates "Your registration number".
  4. Call RDP Support at (970) 845-7108 with your serial number, the registration number, and the module to be registered to get the five-digit registration code.
  5. Enter the registration code and click Register.
  6. The system confirms the registration of the module moves it to the Installed RDP Modules list.
Right-Click | Remove
Right-click on any module in the Installed RDP Modules grid and select Remove.  Once confirmed, the selected module is moved to the Other Available Modules grid and is no longer available to RDPWin users until reinstalled.
Right-Click | Install
Right-click on any module in the Other Available RDP Modules grid and select Install.  Once confirmed, the selected module is moved to the Installed RDP Modules grid and available to RDPWin.  Call RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140 with any questions.

Administrator Password Required

The administrator password is required for initial setup.

RDP-DOS Customers must attend Training to use RDPWin Reservations and Front Desk 

Legacy RDP-DOS customers must attend training before using RDPWin for Reservations and Front Desk functions.  An RDPWin training class is required prior to installation of RDPWin Version 2.  For a training schedule see RDP Training or call RDP Sales.

Workstations must use Microsoft Windows XP, not VISTA

Presently, RDPWin Version 1 or 2 does not support any version of Windows Vista.  We are waiting for our database vendor, Pervasive software, to complete changes required for Vista.  We expect to be able to support Windows Vista in 2008.

We have not yet tested Windows XPx64, the 64 bit version of Windows XP and there are no plans to test this at this time.  Do not use Windows XPx64.

Please do not upgrade any computers to Windows Vista or Windows XPx64. For new computer purchases, do not order Windows Vista or XPx64.  New computers should have Windows XP professional (service pack 2) with a minimum of 1 gigabyte of RAM memory and a 3ghz processor.

Customer Conference in Vail September 10-14, 2007 Optional

The RDP customer conference from September 10-13, 2007 will cover many topics related to RDPWin Version 2.  Attendance at the conference is suggested, but not required, to start using RDPWin Version 2.

Each year RDP holds a customer conference in Vail, Colorado to help customers learn how to optimize the system.  The Customer Conference has become very popular over the years and September is a beautiful time in Vail, one of the world's premier destinations. The conference, kick-off dinner, and celebration BBQ all offer the opportunity to interact with RDP staff as well as other customers.  RDP encourages customers to bring marketing materials to the conference in order to advertise their properties and network with similar properties.

The 25th annual RDP Customer Conference will be held at the luxurious Vail Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa in Vail, Colorado, from Monday, September 10th through Thursday, September 13,  2007.  We are also offering an optional two-day RDPWin installation training class before and after the conference.  More details on the conference will be available on this page by 3/1/2007.

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