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Troubleshooting Problems When Processing Owner Revenue

Article ID: KWin0035   01/17/07


There are a series of steps that should be followed when troubleshooting problems when processing owner revenue.  Every month, RDP support receives several calls from customers having trouble processing owner revenue.  RDP support will look at the following variables to determine if the problem exist at the reservation level, the unit level, or the owner level.

  1. Check system switches:

All of the above switches can affect when/how owner revenue is processed.

  1. Review the room master record to confirm the unit is configured to be owned.

The "Owner Billing" radio button must be checked in order for this room to be considered when processing revenue.  If the "Whole Ownership" radio button is not checked on the room master, the owner cross reference file is used to associate units with a specific time period (Timeshare/Fractional Use Ownership).

  1. Review the owner master record to confirm the owner is associated with a specific room.

The "Room # Owned" field must have a valid room number in the field.  The "Date Purchased" field as well as the "Contract Start/End" fields are irrelevant for processing revenue.

  1. If the property has the timeshare module installed, and the unit owned is not a whole owned unit, the cross reference file must be configured with the correct owner number for the owner to receive revenue for a paying guest reservation.

If all of the above switches and settings have been reviewed and appear to be configured correctly, the next area to check is the individual room postings on a reservation that should have revenue due to the owner.  See example below:

In the example above.  The room number and the process key fields should both contain the room number.

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