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Post TX From File

Article ID: KWin0034   12/21/06

The "Post TX from File" feature is not automatically installed on systems.  Please call RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140 for pricing.

RDPWin has no way of pooling owner revenue to be divided up between all owners.  If a customer wishes to have an outside programmer write a program that creates an output file, RDPWin can take that file and post the transactions to the owners.  "Post Tx From File" reads an ASCII text file containing transaction information and posts those transactions to the owners.  The text file should be placed in the PostTx folder under the RDP root folder (example F:\RDP\PostTx).   If this directory does not exist, it is created when the form is loaded. 

The program first searches the PostTx folder for today's file named PYYYYMMDD.txt (example: if today is 03/01/1998 then the file named "P19980301.TXT" is loaded). If that file does not exist, selection from existing files is required.  It is strongly suggested that the Review button be used first to ensure that the character spacing in the file is correct.  If the review does not show the status as "Will Post OK", then correction is necessary to avoid being skipped when posting. 

The posting date to an owner cannot be prior to an ending statement marker ("D@"), the owner number must exist, and the transaction code must be a "B7" code and exist in the system.  When posting, a log is created in the TxLog.dat file.  The posting time is recorded when the Post button is first clicked to insure that all postings have the same time assigned (all postings from one set have matching times).  This allows for filtering and identification of multiple posts in a single day.  After posting, the file name is changed to be preceded by "Posted_" (example "Posted_P19980301.TXT").

The file layout and character spacing of the input file should be as detailed below:

  • Owner #: starting at location 0, for 8 bytes.
  • Transaction Date: starting at location 8 for 10 bytes.
  • Transaction Code: starting at location 18 for 4 bytes.
  • Transaction Description: starting at location 22 for 28 bytes.
  • Transaction Cost: starting at location 50 until the end of the line.

For any property with owner masters that do not have an assigned room number (timeshare, OLD, etc.), transactions will not be not marked with a room number. The file layout has been slightly changed to allow the room number to be sent when available.

The Amount of the transaction must now begin at character location 58 (previously 50). Now an Optional room number with an eight-character length can be supplied. If characters 50 through 57 are blank and the transaction is being posted to a whole owner, the room number on the transaction is automatically filled in. The room number field in the file only needs to be supplied if the room number in the owner master is blank and the transaction should be associated with a room.

If the file about to be posted begins with "POSTED_", a warning message is displayed asking for confirmation before double-posting a file. The default answer for the question is "No" to help prevent accidental double postings.

The default directory for "Post Tx From File" searches to find the current days file is now configurable. The default directory can be set by going to Owners | Configuration and selecting the "General" tab.

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