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Enable CRM Demo Mode

Article ID: KWin-0032   12/13/06


CRM provides a shared list of guest information which is accessible from any of the properties configured into CRM. In production, this shared list is accomplished by having a single copy of the CRM data files that reside in the rdp01 directory. CRM demo mode allows the CRM data files to reside in a demo directory rather than rdp01 and CRM can be tested without affecting the production directory.

Enable the CRM demo mode by creating a C1 subrecord CRMLCL.  Disabled it by removing the C1/CRMLCL record.  (Use RDP-DOS 090 to do this.)  Our demo files all have the C1/CRMLCL now, so CRM demo mode is enabled by default in our demo files.


Create a demo directory populated with the customer's own data files to allow testing and experimentation with the CRM.

  1. Create and populate a demo directory.
  2. Using RDPDOS, login to the demo directory and add the C1/CRMLCL record.
  3. If RDPWin is already logged into the demo directory, you must log off and log in again for the newly added CRMLCL record to be recognized.
  4. Log in to the demo directory, configure CRM. In demo mode, CRM can only support a single property - the demo directory. The properties tab should only be configured for this one property. Any others will be ignored in demo mode.
  5. When logged into the demo directory, CRM files will be created and accessed in that local directory. The rdp01 directory will not be affected.
  6. CRMWeb can be directed to access the demo directory also. Change c:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\CRMWeb\CRMPath.txt to point to the demo directory rather than rdp01. This effects all CRMWeb sessions, so can only be done prior to going live.

Note:  CRM remote access is not compatible with demo mode.  The CRM remove server is not accessed while in CRM demo mode: even if one is configured.  By removing the C1/CRMLCL record, our demo files can be configured to use a remote CRM server. The demo files include the C1/CRMLCL record, so if a remote CRM server environment is being tested, the CRMLCL record must be removed each time new data files are unzipped.

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