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"Cannot find column -7xxxxx" error in RatePlan-GetRatePerDay

Added 10/12/2006 - Article ID#: KWin0028


In RDPWin, a workstation may get a "Cannot find column -7xxxxx" exception error in RatePlan-GetRatePerDay.  It could also happen in other routines, but this is the one we know about.  The problem is that the time zone on the workstation is different than other workstations accessing the same XMLFiles folder.  The date fields in the XML file get the time default set to whatever time zone is on the workstation that created the XML file.


  1. Make sure all workstations are set to the same time zone.  At least one will be different.
  2. Delete the XMLFiles folder.
  3. Go back into RDPWin.
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