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Folios Not Showing All Transactions

Added 4/6/2006 - Article ID#: KWin0022


Customers in Vacation Rental System (VRS) mode (Switch 426-06 set to Yes) consider all charges as part of the totals during the guest's stay.  This is different than condo hotel and hotel customers who accrue charges and do not count future charges in the totals.  Previous versions of the Crystal folio report and others where not printing the future or pre-posted charges.  This article explains how to adapt existing customer Crystal reports to use the VRS Switch.


Folio Tab | All Transactions Display and Print When VRS Switch 426-06 is Yes.

Our standard folio now works with the VRS Switch (426-06).  If a Crystal report contains the parameter "VRSSwitch", RDPWin Reporter passes the current Switch 426-06 setting into the report.  Folios and other reports have been changed to use this parameter so that the future or pre-posted charges are printed and displayed correctly.

To modify existing reports (which contain a sub-report for the transactions), create a new parameter called "VRSSwitch" as a string. Within the sub-report that need this switch information:

  1. Start Crystal Reports Designer.
  2. Open the existing report to be modified (for example: Reports10\FrontDesk\Folio-ABI.rpt). 
    Note:  RDPWin updates will overwrite our standard reports, so any modified reports should be save with a different name or in a custom folder.
  3. In the Field Explorer (display or hide by going to "View | Field Explorer"), right-click "Parameter Fields" and select New.  Create a new parameter called "VRSSwitch".
  4. Double click the sub-report.  Sub-reports display on the report in design mode labeled with a name.rpt.  In the Folio-ABI report, the sub-report is FolioTransactions.rpt located in the details section of the report.  Repeat Step 3 for the sub-report.
  5. With the sub-report still visible, click "Select Expert..." from the Report menu option.
  6. Click the "Show Formula" button.  Modify the formula here or click the "Formula Editor..." button.  Note: the Formula Editor can be easier to read since keywords display in blue.  The current select expert should look similar to that shown below; however, some customers may have made minor changes to this over time.  Modify what is shown here.  The original part of the formula is shown in red.

    {HExpense.NoPrintFlag} <> "*" and
    {HExpense.FolioType} in UCase({?FolioType}) and
    ({HReserve.ResStatus} <= "4" or ({HReserve.ResStatus} > "4" and {HExpense.PrePostedFlag} <> "*"
    )) and
    {HReserve.ResNum} = {?Pm-HReserve.ResNum}

    The new part of the formula is shown below in

    {HExpense.NoPrintFlag} <> "*" and
    {HExpense.FolioType} in UCase({?FolioType}) and
    ({HReserve.ResStatus} <= "4" or ({HReserve.ResStatus} > "4" and {HExpense.PrePostedFlag} <> "*"
    and {?VRSSwitch} = "N") or {?VRSSwitch}="Y") and
    {HReserve.ResNum} = {?Pm-HReserve.ResNum}

    The logic of the text in blue is to display the transaction if:
         (a) the reservation status is less than or equal to 4 or
         (b) the reservation status is greater than 4 and the pre-posted flag is NOT set and VRS is NOT turned on or
         (c) the VRS switch is on.
  7. If in Formula Editor, click Save & Close.  If in Select Expert, click OK.
  8. Click the "Design" tab.
  9. Right click the sub-report (the one chosen earlier) and go to "Change Sub-report Links".
  10. From the "Sub-report parameter field to use:" drop-down list, change from "?Pm-HReserveVRSSwitch" to "?VRSSwitch".  This should automatically uncheck the "Select data in the sub-report based on field:" box.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Save the report.
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