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Email from RDPWin, IRM and RDP-DOS

Added 3/20/2006 - Article ID#: KWin0019

RDPWin supports two different methods of sending e-mail as follows:

RDPWin Generated e-mail RDPWin can automatically send e-mail confirmations to guests, owners and other entities.  All confirmation e-mails should be completed using the procedure below:
  1. An Internal SMTP server must first be installed and configured. Most customers use the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) or the RDP Data Server as the SMTP server.  See:  Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Internal Outgoing SMTP Mail Server   
  2. RDPWin must be configured to use the internal SMTP server.  This is done from the Reporter menu option, choosing Configuration and then the E-Mail tab.
  3. Various confirmations can be configured to use Crystal reports.  The report can be exported to PDF or Word format, along with additional attachments an e-mail body.  There are various tabs for new reservation confirmation, cancel confirmation, etc.
  4. E-mails can then be sent to any reservation by finding the reservation and selecting the e-mail option.  RDPWin then automatically inserts the guest's information and sends the e-mail.    
Crystal Report e-mail Crystal Reports can also send e-mails directly using a MAPI e-mail client installed on the workstation, bypassing RDPWin.  For example, to send the Daily Flash Report to a group managers, use the following steps:
  1. Install and configure a MAPI e-mail client on a workstation.  Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express will both work.
  2. These e-mail clients can use the internal SMTP server or any other SMTP server, like from an ISP.  As long as an e-mail attachment can be sent from the workstation using Outlook or Outlook Express, this procedure will work.
  3. Enter the e-mail addresses of the managers in the address book of your e-mail client. A group that contains all the manager can be created in the e-mail client if it supports e-mail groups.
  4. Start RDPWin on the workstation where the e-mail client is installed.  Select the Reporter menu option, and the Reports sub-option.
  5. Select a report folder.  In this example, select the "Daily reports" folder.
  6. Select a report.  In this example, select the "Flash" report. 
  7. Preview the report to the screen.  From RDPWin Report Viewer, click the envelope icon.  Choose the report format, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  The destination should be "MAPI", which will use the e-mail client installed on the workstation to e-mail the report.
  8. Enter the e-mail address or select from your e-mail client address book  The screen should appear similar to the following:

Internet Reservation Module (IRM) and E-mail

When guests make reservations using the Internet Reservation Module (IRM), the IRM sends a confirmation e-mail directly through the internal SMTP server on the IRM.  A different outgoing SMTP server cannot be configured. The Microsoft internal SMTP server must be installed on the IRM.  A MAPI client is not required on the IRM, since the IRM sends mail directly to the outgoing SMTP server using Microsoft "CDONTS".

Normally, an internal outgoing SMTP server is set up on the IRM server and is used by all RDPWin workstations to send outgoing e-mail. To use the IRM server as the outgoing SMTP server for all RDPWin workstations, start RDPWin on a workstation and select Configuration from the Reporter main menu and click on the E-mail tab.  Enter the internal IP address of the IRM server as the "SMTP server".

E-mail with RDP-DOS Reporter

RDP's legacy DOS product, RDP-DOS, cannot send e-mail directly. RDP-DOS included the Crystal Reporter and was used to send e-mail.  However, this is no longer supported by RDP.  RDP-DOS customers who wish to have integrated e-mail should update to RDPWin to use its very powerful, fully integrated e-mail systems. 

The update from RDP-DOS to RDPWin is available at no charge for all RDP-DOS customers who have purchased the Internet Reservation Module (IRM).  Please call RDP Sales to schedule an update and review Adding RDPWin for RDP-DOS Customers.

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