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Column not in Table

Added 1/20/2006 - Article ID#: KWin0014


The database structure of RDPWin and RDP-DOS consists of various files, like HReserve.dat and tables (RDP090), like Table C2, where the room types are stored.  RDPWin stores the fields or columns of each file and table in the XMLFiles folder under the RDP root folder for quicker access. 

After an update, there may be various changes to files and tables in the system.  Normally, an RDPWin update deletes the entire XMLFiles folder so the system can start rebuilding these files.  If the update does not complete correctly because a user was in the system during the Server Update, then the XML files may not get deleted and may get out of synch.

If this happens then the system may issue an error like:

"Column <Column Name> is not in table <Table or File Name>"


  1. Check the DDF files to make sure they are the correct date and time as of the last update.
  2. Check the RDPWin log file to make sure RDPWin.upd was run in the last update.
  3. Make sure the customer updated RDP-DOS at the same time as RDPWin
  4. Delete the XMLFiles folder.  This can be done at anytime even with users in the system.
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