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Fix Owner Occupancy Stats

Added 7/26/2005 - Article ID#: KWin0012


When Owner masters were added in RDPWin prior to Version 1.131, the Key3OwnerNum field on the master was not being filled in correctly.  When looking in 993, file 71, key 3, there were records with room numbers and blank Key3OwnerNum.  Because the Key3OwnerNum field was blank, the stat records were being generated with blank Day Count Code and Owner Number fields.  Because those fields were blank, XXDC records were not being generated in OTotalYY.  Because those records weren't there, occupancy statistics for owners was not correct.

The Fix Owner Occupancy Stats utility was created to:

  1. Put the owner number in the Key3OwnerNum field on the owner master
  2. Fill in the Day Count Code and Owner Num fields on all the stat records for that room number. 

Once the stat records are changed, 902-Rebuild Stats from menu 99 in DOS should be run to generate the XXDC records in OTotalYY.

Fix Owner Occupancy Stats should be run when the statistics are not correct on the owner master AND Key 3 of file 71 has any blank Key3OwnerNum fields.  It won't hurt to run it on corrected files, since it only retrieves and changes owners with a blank Key3OwnerNum field.


To fix this issue:

  1. Update RDPWin to Version 1.144 or higher
  2. Start RDPWin, go to System | File Utilities | fix Owner Occupancy Stats
  3. At the Continue prompt, click Yes
  4. If you get the Errors Found message, do the following:
    1. Click OK
    2. In RDPDOS, go to menu 99-System Utilities
    3. Run option 902-Rebuild Stats for each prior month, in order to correct MTD and YTD occupancy totals.
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