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Starting RDPWin Causes Stat 6, 45 & 49

Added 9/29/04 - Article ID#: KWIN0002

When starting RDPWin, a Stat 6, 45 or 49 occurs.

The Pervasive Stat 45 and 49 occur from a specific version of RDPWin (1.44).  To fix these status codes, get the latest version of RDPWin.

The Pervasive Stat 6 is caused by having on old version of one of the data files.  When a file is created, the Pervasive engine uses the "Create File Version" setting in Pervasive Control Center as the file version for the new file.  To view or change this setting:

  1. Start Pervasive Control Center.
  2. Expand the following nodes:
        a) Pervasive.SQL Engines
        b) Computer Name
        c) Configuration
        d) Server
  3. Click on the Compatibility folder, and you can view the Create File Version setting.
  4. To change the setting, double-click the setting, and choose from the drop down list.  The version should be 7.x.

Once the setting is verified, run the RDP-DOS utility, RDP994, and choose the "Rebuild ALL Critical Files" option.  Restart the Pervasive services so the change takes effect.

Restart RDPWin and the message should no longer appear. 

See Also:  RDP-DOS KB Article: K000180

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