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RDPWin Rate How-To

The list below contains articles relating to RDPWin Rates.  The articles are designed to walk you through the different rate processes. You may also use the search option.



10/25/10           Seasonal Table-C3 - How to Add or Change Records in the Season Table

10/26/10           Add Rate Sets - How to Create New Rates Prices

10/28/10           Change Rate Sets - How to Change Rate Prices

10/28/10           Room Only Rate Plans - How to Create a New Rate Plan

11/01/10           Components - How to Create a Package Component

11/01/10           Daily Package Plans - How to Create a Package

11/01/10           Discount Rate Plans - How to Create a Discount Rate  

11/02/10           Rate Plan Patterns - How to Create a Rate Plan Pattern

11/03/10           Best Available Rate - How to Create a Best Available Rate

11/03/10           Rate Plan Cut-offs - How to Set Up Rate Plan Cut-offs

11/03/10           Freeze Rates - How to Freeze Rates

11/03/10           People Pattern - How to Create a New People Pattern


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