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Error Getting into RDPWin and RDP-DOS
After Updating IRM to Rev. 2.348

Article ID: KWin0042 08/11/2016 - SS


After customers update the  IRM from Revision 2.346 or lower to 2.349 three files are deleted from the c:\pvsw\bin on the IRM bridge computer. w3dbav80.dll causes the following error going into RDP-DOS: “This application has failed to start because w3dbav80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Upon entry to RDPWin, users are prompted with the Pervasive Administrator Logon, because the system is trying to create an ODBC connection. Once the administrator password is entered, a DTO-Connect Exception error displays.


  1. Logout of RDPWin and RDP-DOS on the IRM bridge server or local workstation.
  2. Copy the file from the folder to "c:\temp" on the IRM bridge server or local workstation
  3. Unzip to "c:\pvsw\bin" directory.
  4. From a DOS prompt, go to the "c:\pvsw\bin" directory and type "regsvr32 dto.dll"
  5. Enter.
  6. Click OK on the succeeded message.
  7. Type "regsvr32 dto2.dll".
  8. Enter.
  9. Click OK on the succeeded message.
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