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Pervasive Error in Transactional Database Test
Added 10/09/02
Article ID#.  KPV0001


The following error is encountered while performing the transactional database test: "The Btrieve Read/Write test failed with error. Unhandled Exception Encountered During Call".

Install Scout will try a read only test to Sample.BTR now instead.


To solve this problem, use the following steps.

  1. From the Win 95/98 client, use the "Find Files or Folders" utility and search for the following .DLL's on the local hard drive (C:)

    (The two ".DLL's" are from an HP Printer installation and conflict with Pervasive's communication abilities.)

After renaming the above files, use the following steps:

  1. Rename these two files, i.e. change the extension to ".OLD".
  2. Use Start | Programs | Pervasive | Pervasive SQL 2000 | Utilities | Smart Scout
  3. Click the "System Tests" tab in the top portion of the window.
  4. Aim the "Target" at the appropriate server where the P.SQL 2000 engine is installed.
  5. Click "Run Tests".
  6. The tests should run through without any critical stops.
  7. Login to RDP
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