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VRP Credit Card Processing Errors

Added: 01/24/12
Updated: 09/25/13
Article ID#: KIN0064

VRP Support

Contact VRP Support at 866-202-4252 Option 3. A VRP representative will field the call. If all representatives are currently busy, the call will go to voicemail after 2 minutes. Leave a message letting them know you are an RDP customer, and the call will be routed to the best representative.  

If the call is not returned promptly, contact the support representatives in the following order:

  1. Greg – 866-289-5977 #9 ext: 7273
  2. Everett– 866-289-5977 #9 ext: 7281
  3. Christy – 866-289-5977 #9 ext: 7208
  4. Berkley – 866-289-5977 #9 ext: 7416
  5. Chris (Support Manager) – 866-289-5977 #9 ext: 7273


Error: E1026

E1026: Invalid payment amount for some prior authorizations

Solution: Update to RDPWin or higher. This error occurs because VRP does not round the payment amount when allowing the 15% tolerance for authorization. For example, 87.33 * 1.15 = 100.4295, which would round to 100.43. VRP will accept 100.42 but not 100.43. RDPWin has been changed to round the number so VRP will accept the payment.

Error: E1037

E1037: Transaction has been batched

Solution: This error occurs when a void is attempted on a payment that has already been batched. If the transaction has been batched, RDP will issue a refund instead.

Error: E1044

E1044: There has been another payment within xx hours

Solution: This error is caused by a switch that is turned on that doesn't allow duplicates. Payments or authorizations won't be accepted for the same credit card for the same amount on the reservation. Take a payment for a one cent more or less than the first payment, or split the amount into two payments. This will ensure the amount is not the same as the first payment. Contact VRP to turn off this switch.

Error: E1050

E1050: The property does not accept this card type

Solution: This error often occurs when an AMEX payment is taken. VRP's default is not to accept AMEX cards. Contact VRP and make sure the property's account is set up to accept AMEX.

Error: E1054

E1054: Invalid Departure Date

Solution: Update to RDPWin or higher. This error occurs when the reservation checks-in and checks-out on the same day due an early departure. VRP does not both dates to be same, so RDPWin sends the credit card processing message adding an extra day to the departure. This allows the credit card to be processed.

Error: E1058

E1058: The pre-authorization has been modified

Solution: Call VRP Support (866-202-4252 option 3) to find out why the error is occurring. This error has be known to occur when the authorization was released. If the authorization has been released, zero out the authorization amount and try the payment.

Accessing Full Credit Card Number in VRP

Contact your VRP Account Manager. They will create an account on the VRP portal to provide access to the full credit card number. Note: RDP Support does not have access to the VRP portal, so you must contact your VRP Account Manager.


 All VRP Error Codes

Error Code Description
E1000 Invalid XML
E1001 That request was not found
E1002 Not all required fields were found
E1003 Your username and password were invalid
E1004 There is no transaction with that RentPayment ID
E1005 The date of birth is invalid
E1006 The balance must be numeric (in cents) 
E1007 The value for the active flag must a Boolean 
E1008 The value for the includeNew flag must a Boolean
E1009 The state code is invalid
E1010 The SSN must be numeric
E1011 The SSN must be 9 digits
E1012 The phone number must be numeric
E1013 The phone number must be 10 digits
E1014 The RentPayment company ID is invalid
E1015 Internal Error
E1016 That personUsername is already in use
E1017 There is no person with that RentPayment ID
E1018 There are no applicants
E1019 There is no person with that External ID
E1020 The person for that RentPayment ID and External ID do not match
E1021 The bank account number must be numeric
E1022 The credit card number is invalid for that card type
E1023 The credit card number is invalid for that card type
E1024 The credit card is expired
E1025 Credit card declined
E1026 Invalid payment amount
E1027 Invalid card type
E1028 The bank account number may not longer than 17 digits
E1029 Invalid credit card expiration date
E1030 The start date is invalid
E1031 The end date is invalid
E1032 The day of month must be numeric
E1033 There is no AutoPay with that ID
E1034 The AutoPay is not for that person
E1035 You are not allowed to create people for this type of property
E1036 No XML was received. Please try again
E1037 You may not cancel this payment
E1038 That is not a valid property code
E1039 Invalid email address
E1040 ACH payment declined
E1041 That name is blacklisted
E1042 The person's account is not active
E1043 The property's account is not active
E1044 There has been another payment with xx hours
E1045 There is an AutoPay with xx hours
E1046 The amount exceeds the maximum payment amount for the property
E1047 The amount is less than the minimum payment amount of the proeprty
E1048 The property does not accept ACH
E1049 Payments are restricted from that account
E1050 The property does not accept that card type
E1051 Invalid XML. This property requires an externalID2
E1052 The person already has reached maximum AutoPay allowed 2 9
E1053 The arrival date is invalid
E1054 The departure date is invalid
E1055 The daily room rate is invalid
E1056 The room tax is invalid
E1057 Could not issue a refund
E1058 The pre-authorization has been modified
E1059 Cannot cancel refund
E1060 The property does not have the API channel set up
E1061 The property does not have the autopay channel set up
E1062 Invalid GUID
E1063 Could not get DB Connection
E1064 The customACHDesc length exceeds 10 or contains invalid characters
E1065 The customName length exceeds 15 or contains invalid characters
E1066 Length of customCreditCardDesc or customID is not valid or invalid characters are presents
E1067 The customPhoneCity format is invalid or contains invalid characters
E1068 Cannot import. Person already exists
E1069 Could not generate token. Duplicate token may already exist.
E1070 Invalid refund amount
E1071 The transfer did not clear before the cut-off date
E1072 A transaction can only be refunded if it is cleared
E1074 The property does not accept his payment type
E1075 Could not decrypt account number
E1076 Could not find allowable fee types
E1077 Could not determine invoice amount
E1078 Could not look up associated invoice
E1079 Not a valid AuotPay Frequency
E1080 AutoPay cannot be setup at that date of the month
E1081 AutoPay ACH Payment is not allowed for this community
E1082 AutoPay AMEX is not allowed for this community
E1083 AutoPay Discover is not allowed for this community
E1084 AutoPay MasterCard is not allowed for this community
E1085 AutoPay Visa is not allowed for this community
E1086 Error occurred
E1087 Token does not exists
E1088 Account associated with token is a Bank Account
E1089 Account associated with token is not a Credit Card Acccount
E1090 Amount not allowed for this request and processor
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