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Controlling Inventory on GDS - GDS Cutoff

Added: 8/25/11
Updated: 03/11/13
Article ID#: KIN0051


There are four different ways to control room inventory on a 2-way GDS. Limit the bookable inventory for a specific number or rooms within a room type, or eliminate certain room types altogether from the GDS. 

  1. Cutoff by Occupancy Percentage. In RDP, the GDS interface looks at House availability. Use Rate Plan Cutoffs to limit the room types available on the GDS. To set up cutoffs in RDPWin, go to the System menu --> Rates --> Rate Plan Cutoffs --> choose one of the following rate plans in the drop down:

    GLB~ GDS Property Cutoffs (Global) - By selecting this from the Rate Plan drop down in the Rate Plan Cutoffs program, all room types for the GDS are cutoff at the specified occupancy percentage. For example, the administrator sets the cutoffs at 60%. Once the property's occupancy percentage hits 60%, RDP sends the GDS provider a zero for days involved.

    GDS~ GDS Cutoffs -  This options applies to all GDS interfaces installed on the system. Cutoffs can be set by room type using this option. For example, if the administrator sets the cutoff at 60% for one bedrooms, once the occupancy percentage of one bedrooms reaches 60%, then it is cutoff.

    The following settings apply to a specific GDS interfaces installed. For example, the administrator sets the cutoff 60% for the Synxis interface. Once the occupancy of room type 1B hits 60%, it is cutoff. This allows one GDS provider to be cutoff, while others are available for booking. 

    INN_ = InnLink Cutoffs

    EXP_ = Expedia Cutoffs

    IHO_ = iHotelier Cutoffs

    INT_ = InnTopia Cutoffs

    SYN_ = Synxis Cutoffs

    Note: To cutoff room types (i.e. 1B cutoff at 60%, 2B cutoff at 70%), set switch 420-07 to Yes from the System menu --> Switches.

  2. Manually Close Out Dates. To set restrictions, go to the System menu --> Configuration --> GDS --> Click the Rate Plan tab. Click the Add Restriction/Rule button.   

    Select the dates to close. If closing a specific room type or rate plan, select those from the drop down. If left with ALL, the entire property will be closed out.
    Note: as soon as the Save button is clicked, the restriction is sent to the GDS provider.

  3. Use a Group Block. Set a group block and allocate the number of room types to be available on the GDS. This process requires constant management of the group block, in order to make sure the inventory available on the GDS is correct. See Group Masters and Blocks for more information.
    Note: This is NOT recommended for properties that preassign the room number on reservations.

  4. Use as 1-Way Interface.  If you are still unable to properly control inventory using the three methods above, configure the GDS interface to work as a 1-way interface. In this configuration, RDP would only receive reservations, modifications, and cancellations from the GDS provider. Inventory and rates are not sent.  The inventory and rates would be maintained manually on the GDS provider's internet based interface.  See GDS Configuration for more information.


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