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Install RDP Actuator

Modified:  12/16/14 ML


  1. Verify the Microsoft .Net framework is 3.5 SP1 is installed on the computer that will run the RDPActuator program.
  2. Verify the Pervasive Version is 9.52 or higher.
  3. Place the contents of the latest RDPActuator zip file in a new folder called C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPActuator.
  4. Create a shortcut to RDPActuator.exe and place it on the Desktop.
  5. Click on the shortcut and start the program.  At the "select the path to the RDP data folder" enter the path (i.e., d:\RDP\RDP01) and click Save & Close.
  6. The Full Option screen should appear. Select the Communication Port  and modify the communication settings as desired.
  7. The defaults for all the other settings should be fine unless the customer wants to print the folio when checking-out a reservation, in which case you should check the box and select the folio report.
  8. Click Save & Close.
  9. Build the CQ, RU and PU tables using Table Maintenance in RDPWin from the System main menu.  Note: if RDP Serial was already installed, these tables may not need to be built. However, the com settings in the PI table under the COMRAU record should be copied for the new interface.
    1. System --> Table Maintenance --> Table CQ:  In-room movie system to RDP room conversion.  This table converts the room number sent from the movie system to the RDP room number.  For every room number in the movie system, enter in the Room# field of Table CQ and enter the corresponding RDP room number in the Room Number field.
    2. System --> Table Maintenance --> Table RU:  RDP room to movie system room conversion.  This table maps each RDP room number to the proper room number in the movie system. For every guest room in the RDP system, enter in the Room# field of Table RU and enter the movie system room number in the Extension 1 field. Lock-offs may be entered in Extension 2-5 fields.
    3. System --> Table Maintenance --> Table PU:  Revenue code from movie system to RDP transaction code. The revenue code (to use as the sub-record) is two characters.  This table converts the revenue code from the movie system to the RDP transaction code. For each revenue code used in the movie system, enter as the sub-record in Table PU and enter the transaction code in the Tx Code field.
  10. Once communication is established over the RS-232C serial link, check the Auto Start checkbox to automatically open the port at start-up.


  • When starting the interface, if an "object reference" error occurs, disconnect the RDP mapped drive and remap using the same drive letter.
  • If the COM Port will not open, verify that C :\ProgramFiles(x86)\ResortDataProcessing\RDPActuator\Logfiles\ has Read\Write permissions.  Test this scenario by trying to view the log.   If the log file cannot be found for the current date, this is your problem.
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