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RDP Keycard Version 2
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Issue: Some customers after updating RDPWin Version 2 have been getting an error when re-starting RDPKeyCard. The error is something like ‘Table RL is empty for F:\RDP\RDP01\’

Solution:  The solution to this problem is to update to Version 2 of RDPKeyCard, the current revision for version 2 is 2.093.16 and the RDPKeyCard_(2.093.16).zip is on F:\Masters\RDPKeyCard.

Version 2 of RDPKeyCard has been enhanced to load faster and has a nice Options screen where you can change the settings without having to edit the configuration file using Notepad.

How to update:

  1. Connect to the customer’s machine that runs RDPKeyCard
  2. Rename the C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCard folder to C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCardOld
  3. Make a new folder named C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCard
  4. Copy from C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCardOld the RDPKeyCard.exe.config file to C:\Program
  5. Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCard
  6. Unzip the contents of RDPKeyCard_( to C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPKeyCard
  7. Click on the RDPKeyCard.exe
  8. When the program starts if it doesn’t find the file where the settings are now stored (RDPKeyCard_Config.xml) it will create one and import the settings from RDPKeyCard.exe.config which is renamed to RDPKeyCard.exe.config.OLD.
  9. Once RDPKeyCard is up and running you may delete the ‘Old’ folder.
  10. When updating to subsequent revisions of RDPKeyCard there will not be a need to rename the folder or copy the config file. This is a one- time only procedure.
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