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Error Received When Starting
Call Accounting or Phone Actuator After Replacement

Article ID#: KIN0045
Added: 06/02/08 - SS/JK


Customer receives error message "Must Define Interface Module(s) for this Station in RDP094 - Field #17" when trying to start call accounting or phone actuator.  This occurs when the interface computer has been replaced.


Complete the following steps:

  1. Access RDP-DOS.
  2. Navigate to 98 System Manager Functions | 094 Update File Paths.
  3. Enter 17 at the Field Number prompt.
  4. Enter the appropriate code based on the interface:

    1. Call Accounting: R7
    2. Phone Actuator: RG
    3. Maid Phone: RK
    4. Voicemail: RM
  5. When entering multiple modules, enter the codes without spaces.  See example below:

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