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Installing and Configuring the
Nomadix Internet Billing Interface

Added 03/27/07
Article ID#: KIN0044

The Nomadix Internet Billing Interface automatically posts guest internet charges to the guest folio.  Many RDP customers offer wireless internet access at a reasonable cost to the guest.  This document details the installation and configuration of the Nomadix Inernet Billing Interface.

  • This interface uses the same programming used with the RDP720 Point of Sale interface.
  • There are two primary tables that need to be configured:
    • SU Table: Outlet Conversion Table.
    • ST Table: General Interface Settings and Communication Settings (COM1 or COM2 only).

Steps to install the interface:

  1. Connect to the customer's bridge computer.
  2. Download the InstallS5.upd and the Nomadix.upd from f:\masters\rdp1202\instupd folder.
  3. Install the S5 module on the customer's RDP system.
  4. From the RDP-DOS Menu 99 - System Utilities Menu, select Option 997 - Option 1 to run the Nomadix.upd.  This .upd file populates the ST table with the standard settings.
    ** Note: After running this .upd file, the RDP720 program displays under the 98 - System Manager Functions menu.
  5. Go to the 98 - System Manager Functions menu and select Option 720 - Nomadix Billing Interface.
  6. Select Option #3 to change interface parameters.  Select the option to change the communication parameters (serial port, baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits).  Work with the vendor and customer to select the correct settings.
  7. Create a transaction code and GL account to post to guest folios.
  8. Configure the SU table to reflect the outlet(s) for the Nomadix Interface.  See example below:

  9. Turn the debug on and test the interface communication.
  10. If the interface does not communicate properly, make necessary changes to the interface settings and test until the interface functions correctly.  
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